Safety First: The Crucial Role of Foot Switch Guards in Factory and Industrial Environments

Today’s factories and other industrial environments tend to operate with higher safety standards than ever before – and with good reason. Gone are the days when a job in the manufacturing realm meant having to perform unnecessarily-dangerous work.

From the machinery and equipment used on the shop floor to overall workplace practices, worker safety is engineered into the modern manufacturing process from the ground up. That’s a major reason why foot switches are increasingly utilized in the industrial space – specifically, foot switches with integrated guards to add an additional level of safety to the job at hand.

Engineering a Safer Factory Floor with Foot Pedal Guards

Designed for the modern-day factory, industrial facilities and machine/fabrication shop environments, SSC Controls manufactures foot switches that can provide significant safety improvements to workstations, while also offering some of the highest-quality and most-reliable controls on the market. Made in the USA right here in Mentor, Ohio, our foot switches are built with precise switching action and can include such features as rugged die-cast aluminum construction, water-resistant enclosures that protect from water, oil, dust, and other contaminants, and a variety of shapes and housings to fit your needs.

We offer nearly all of our foot switches with optional guards for added protection. For example, our  G2 foot switch guard for heavy-duty pedals stands in with an 8” by 8” opening and weighs a full four pounds. We have guarding available for every product line, and even our  light-duty foot switches offer rugged guard options crafted from 12-gauge steel.

An Extra Level of Safety for Today’s Industrial Equipment Operators

Enhanced Foot Protection Beyond Steel Toes

Steel-toed boots have been an important element of foot protection in factories across the world. Unfortunately, as anyone who has spent time working in the industrial space knows, heavy-duty footwear sometimes isn’t enough to prevent injuries – especially when handling extremely heavy parts and heavy-gauge fabrications. Our foot guards can dramatically increase the level of protection for employees when they’re properly installed in workstations.

Preventing Accidental Machine Activation

In busy industrial workplaces and fast-paced factories, unguarded machine switches can sometimes be activated by dropped tools, falling workpieces, or even workers accidentally bumping into them. Our foot switches with integrated guards create an additional level of protection against accidental machine activation, reducing the risk of potentially severe accidents.

Protecting Your Equipment from Damage

As an added advantage, our durable guards create a physical barrier around the foot switch itself. While our pedal bodies are ruggedly built from premium steels and alloys to withstand harsh industrial use, the guard creates a literal shield against extremely heavy impacts which might otherwise damage the internal electronics.

Better Ergonomics for Machine Operators

Our foot guards are ergonomically designed to provide an easy-access, stable platform for the operator’s foot. Beyond better safety and productivity, we engineer all of our industrial foot switches to maximize both comfort and ergonomics on the job.

Meeting Modern Safety Standards and OSHA Requirements

In addition to being safer in general, foot guards may be required in certain industrial settings to meet specific safety standards. Whether it’s conforming to OSHA requirements or another regulatory protocol, SSC’s foot switches are designed with user safety in mind and can assist in keeping your facility within regulation.

Customizable Foot Pedal Designs – With or Without Guards

All of our foot pedals have optional guards that can be custom added to suit the specific requirements of your industrial applications. Additionally, for less intensive applications, we can provide the same high-performance foot switches without guards to give your operators an easier-to-access control solution.

America’s Leading Manufacturer of Industrial Foot Pedals with Safety Guards

SSC Controls manufactures a full range of industrial pedal controls with integrated foot guards. Our foot pedals are meticulously designed to facilitate a more efficient and productive workplace while maximizing employee safety and comfort. Located in Mentor, Ohio, SSC’s quality industrial equipment is designed and manufactured in the USA.

Foot Switch with Guard and Cable - SSC Controls
Foot Switch with Guard and Cable – SSC Controls – The Foot Switch Experts