Potentiometer Foot Pedals for Precise Variable-Speed Machine Control

SSC Controls manufactures potentiometer foot pedals that deliver reliable and precise variable-speed motor and machine control.

Quality-built in the USA, our variable-speed foot control pedals feature a robust, heavy-duty design that will withstand years of heavy industrial use. Like many of our on/off foot switches, our  potentiometer foot pedal options are designed to be reliable and rugged, with high resolution and smooth pedal action. The L- and M-Series have a classic foot pedal design with an oversized top traction area, while the G700-Series features a heavy-duty construction for tough industrial environments.

The result is the most practical, comfortable, and ergonomic solution for machine operators who need to accurately vary the speed or intensity of their equipment while keeping their hands and attention free for other tasks.

The Advantages of SSC’s Variable-Speed Potentiometer Foot Controls

  • More Precise Control – Potentiometers allow for fine-tuned control over machine processes and motor speed control while letting operators remain hands-free and more focused on the job at hand.
  • Smooth Operation and Pedal Action – Our foot pedals are custom designed for smooth, continuous pedal action and feedback, helping machine operators achieve accurate and consistent results.
  • High-Resolution Machine Response – SSC’s potentiometer foot pedals provide fast and high-resolution response to changes in foot position, offering nuanced control of many different machine processes, whether it be pottery wheels, welding positioners, or motor speed control.
  • Seamless Integration – Our potentiometer foot pedals can be seamlessly integrated into your existing control systems or machine setups that can benefit from such controls, providing a highly cost-effective upgrade to your workflow.

Variable-Speed Motor Control Requirements

A typical variable-speed motor application can benefit from using a remote foot-operated pedal to be integrated with the variable-speed motor controller (variable-resistance drive, or VRD) to control the motor’s speed. Our potentiometer foot pedals provide the speed signal to the drive. The speed typically will be proportional to how far down the pedal is pressed.

The motor controller will require a certain potentiometer value (resistance in ohms) and power (watts). For example, a motor controller that was designed to be used with a 1000-ohm potentiometer will require you to use a 1000-ohm pot value in the foot pedal (such as our model

L1000 or G700-1K). So, the resistance value of the pot required for the application will be defined by the specifications of the motor speed control drive. Common values are 1000, 5000, and 10,000 ohms, although we often can make foot pedals with other resistance values if needed. However, simply increasing the pot value will not increase the speed, and can even damage the circuit. And using a potentiometer with the incorrect power (wattage) rating will likely damage the component. That’s why it’s crucial to use a potentiometer that meets the requirements of your motor speed control drive.

Read more about foot pedal compatibility and setup in our  FAQ Page.

America’s Premier Manufacturer of Potentiometer Foot Pedals for Variable-Speed Control

SSC Controls is proud to be amongst the nation’s leading manufacturers of industrial foot controls, including customizable variable-speed pedals. Our quality-built foot pedals are meticulously designed to facilitate a safer, more efficient and productive workplace for today’s factories and industrial job sites. Located in Mentor, Ohio, SSC’s premium industrial equipment is manufactured in the USA.

L-and M-Series Potentiometer Foot Control Pedals – Variable Speed Motor Control