Ergonomics and Efficiency: Design Considerations for Foot Pedal Switches in the Workplace

Foot pedal switches offer a safer, more efficient and ergonomic control solution for today’s factories and industrial workplaces. Essentially, foot controls provide users with hands-free operation which promotes better posture, better concentration, and better multitasking abilities. However, it’s crucial to make sure that you choose the right foot switch for the task at hand and the operational environment.

SSC Controls offers a full range of standard and custom foot pedal switches with many different options to meet your specific ergonomic and operational needs.

Basic Design Considerations for Industrial Foot Switches

  • Size and Shape — Our extensive product line includes both large and small foot pedal designs to fit optimally into almost any workstation layout.
  • Foot Switch Pedal Action — We offer numerous pedal models that offer features such as momentary or maintained action to meet a wide range of industrial equipment needs.
  • Proper Electrical Rating — Proper foot pedal design must also include considerations for current, voltage, and/or horsepower ratings to match your specific equipment.
  • Pre-Wired or Do-It-Yourself Cabling — Our foot switches come pre-wired for ease of installation, or we offer DIY cabling options for users requiring a more unique setup.
  • Enclosure Rating — In order to stand up to many different environmental conditions, we offer enclosure ratings for indoor use, outdoor applications, hosedown protection, etc.
  • Single or Multiple Pedal — Our foot switch designs include single and multi-pedal models to offer a more efficient solution for equipment requiring multiple controls.
  • Guard or No Guard — We offer our foot pedals in both guarded and guard-free configurations, depending on the level of foot protection you require. A front safety gate or anti-trip latch can also offer layers of protection.
  • Appearance and Color — Finally, SSC’s foot pedal designs can include customization for OEMs in appearance and color to match the aesthetics of your workplace and ensure a safe, highly visible setup.

Other Foot Pedal Design Considerations

Standard vs. Custom

For many or most industrial applications, SSC has a full line of standard foot switch pedals to meet virtually any common workplace requirements. However, if your application requires a more unique control solution, we offer extensive customization options for foot switches to provide OEM customers with the optimum equipment for their needs.

Light-Duty, Medium-Duty, or Heavy-Duty

It’s also important to choose foot controls which are designed to stand up to the operational conditions of the workplace. SSC offers a full range of light-duty foot switches suitable for less-intensive industrial uses. For more demanding environments, we have a full range of medium-duty foot switches ready to take on the task. For harsh industrial environments, we offer heavy-duty industrial foot controls that are built to last.

Wired or Wireless TIG Welding Foot Pedal Options

When it comes to specialized foot pedals for TIG welding, SSC offers standard wired foot pedals for virtually every brand. SSC is the market leader in TIG foot control pedals, and they are made in the USA. We also offer a wireless TIG foot control option. Our wireless option gets rid of the cable and allows the freedom and ergonomic improvement of wireless.

The Leading US Manufacturer for Quality-Built Industrial Foot Switches Since 1993

For more than three decades, SSC Controls has been America’s leading manufacturer of electric foot switches, foot pedals, and specialized TIG welding foot controls. We offer uniquely customized solutions for OEM customers, along with a complete line of standard models, all at a great price. Located in Mentor, Ohio, SSC’s quality-built industrial equipment is manufactured in the USA.

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