Foot switches are increasingly utilized in the industrial space – and specifically, foot switches with integrated guards can add an additional level of safety.

Potentiometer foot pedals are designed for reliable and precise variable-speed motor and machine control that can benefit many unique industrial applications

Foot pedal switches offer a safer, more efficient and ergonomic control solution for today’s factories and industrial workplaces.

We have achieved our latest re-certification to ISO 9001 for our quality system. It’s a lot of work but we’re glad to do it to better serve our customers!

On/off foot switches for machine control give today’s factory workers a safer, more efficient means to engage with industrial equipment.

 Electric foot switches provide a safe, practical, and highly versatile solution for machine and tool control in today’s industrial space. From specialized welding foot pedals to heavy-duty foot controls for metalworking or construction equipment, electric foot switches can contribute to both the safety and efficiency of virtually any factory or jobsite.